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Wings and Arrows part 2 of 6

She never placed much faith in love. But will a banned supernatural chemistry bring her eternal happiness?

Hazel Holloway will do whatever it takes to keep her wings. Sent down to Earth on behalf of Cupid, the determined immortal sets out to locate the ideal man for a lady-in-waiting. But just as she finds a match made in heaven that would guarantee her a promotion, she discovers her own cheeks blushing for the handsome top prospect.

Nick Travers has fallen on tough times. With his family forced to sell their estate, the only upside is the goddess of a real estate agent he’s found to promote the property. But as he falls hard for the woman and they spend time together, he’s shocked when Hazel tells him their passion is forbidden.

Prohibited from forming a relationship with a human, Hazel struggles to get a replacement so she can transition into a mortal and be with her soul mate. But with someone sabotaging the sale of his house and dark secrets bubbling to the surface, Nick fears that their one-of-a-kind connection will be cut short.

Can these star-crossed lovers find a loophole and claim their perfect forever?

Wings and Arrows is a lighthearted six-part paranormal romance serial. If you like relatable characters, fast-paced action, and heartwarming interactions, then you’ll adore Cathy Peper’s whirlwind tale.

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