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During the Civil War, a stash of Confederate gold went missing. It has never been found…

When Penny’s con-artist father gets out of jail, she reluctantly invites him to move in with her and her sister, Dora. Keith is determined to avoid returning to prison, but that doesn’t mean he wants to get a regular job.
While in prison, he concocted a plan to use Penny’s tarot reading skills, along with the medium powers of her friend, Ben, to search for a lost cave in the Missouri Ozarks reputed to hold buried treasure.
Wanting to please her dad and help him afford a place of his own, Penny agrees to the scheme. The gang, including Penny’s boyfriend, Gage, heads to the Ozarks on a camping trip.
Many have searched for the hidden cave and elusive treasure, but none have been successful. A young Confederate soldier lost his life protecting the gold and hasn’t let death interfere with his duty.
A guardian ghost and an obnoxious park ranger, who may want the gold for himself, are only two of Penny’s worries. Not only does her dad disapprove of her boyfriend, but she isn’t sure she can trust him. Has Keith really abandoned a life of crime? Blood has already been shed for the gold. How far will the living, and the dead, go to possess the treasure?

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I am so hooked and cannot wait to read more!

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