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The Wheel of Misfortune

Years ago, a fire destroyed a popular amusement park. The carousel, a historic work of art, survived. But does a legacy of blood and death linger within the ride?

Nostalgia prompted Penny and Dora to ride the carousel during a picnic with friends. But an afternoon of fun turned sour when the elderly operator suffered a heart attack. Dora provided first aid until the paramedics arrived. But Penny cuts her finger, binding herself with blood to a horse on the carnival ride.

Obsessed with the carousel, Penny accepts an offer from the operator to manage the ride while he recovers. Her psychic dreams kick in, filling her nights with images of horses, fire, and sacrifice.

When the operator’s son returns to town, he wants Penny’s new job. He fights her for the position, eventually getting her fired. But his desires run darker, twisted by visions of revenge and a fascination with fire.

But the carousel still calls to Penny. She has shed her blood for it and it hungers for more. Can Penny and her friends stop the carousel from going up in flames again? Or will the golden horse extract its due?

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